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Poster MFCThe sustainable management and conservation of forests in the face of global change requires new integrated approaches, skills and knowledge.

The Forest Complexity Modelling (FCM) program is a new interuniversity, interdisciplinary bilingual program that aims at training outstanding national and international undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdoctoral fellows. Funded by NSERC through its CREATE program for six years, the program received a 1 650 000$ grant. It will end its activities in March 2017.

The Forest Complexity Modelling (FCM) training program offers unique and exciting:

CFRThis program regroups 11 internationally recognized researchers from 10 Canadian universities, members of the Center for Forest Research (CFR) and another 20 national and international collaborators from academic and non-academic institutions with expertise in forest-related fields such as ecology, forest management, complex systems, statistical and simulation modelling, wildlife, carbon cycling, climate change, ecophysiology, spatial ecology, disturbance dynamics, landscape ecology, economics, conservation biology and plant ecology. Student’s research projects are carried out in collaboration with university, government and private sector partners to resolve current challenges in forest management and conservation.